Embrace the glorious mess that you are.

 Mess Studio is a design and production house for Kraft paper storage bags.

We produce highest-quality, washable Kraft paper storage bag -create and hand screen print our own contemporary designs, colors, prints and sizes. The "leather like"​ texture and durability of Mess Studio bags bring a liveable and practical quality to this useful and stylish storage solution.

In manufacturing our eco friendly bags we placed importance on a washable bag that would be natural and sustainable and made from materials that are soft yet resistant to the affects of daily use.

MESS products are perfect for storing toys, shoes, magazines, pillows, laundry, blankets, stationary, plants and almost any items that need a home within any room. Beyond the home, Mess Studio products also provide attractive and functional solutions for office and professional environments.


Mess Studio creates a consistently growing range of bags and custom design prints that are sold in home decor and interior design boutiques and are found online and in in global home, lifestyle and fashion trade shows.